Our repair professionals are state licensed and all work is warrantied.

We Service Most Makes and Models

We Service Most Makes and Models




Repair or Replace Power Windows

Windows have mechanical and electrical parts that enable them to function.  The primary parts are motors, regulators and switches.

     When regulators fail, you normally hear noises and the glass may fall or operate incorrectly.

     When motors fail they can slow down, operate intermittently or stop altogether.

                                                                       When switches are bad, windows will stop completely and there will be no sound or motion.

Lock Repair

Power locks are powered by devices called lock actuators.  Actuators can fail and cause the lock not to work.  Usually you can manually operate the lock, although they can freeze in the lock or unlock position.

If you are experiencing any of these, or hear a buzzing sound inside the door when you operate your locks, the actuator needs to be repaired or replaced.


We also commonly work on:

   *  Door Handles

   *  Switches

   *  Door Latches

                                                                 *  Rear View Mirrors

                                                                 *  Power Trunks

                                                                 *  Antennas


We are state licensed in window and lock repair (License# MV46219) and guarantee our service.  With over a decade of experience, we have had thousands of successful repairs…and happy clients.

We are a fully mobile company, WE COME TO YOU!  We provide full warranties and are able to provide factory new parts or if you prefer, new aftermarket, re-manufactured and used parts.  Often times, we can repair existing parts.  We will also install customer supplied parts.


Hillsborough & Pinellas: (727) 322-3050

Sarasota, Manatee & all other areas: (941) 780-1735


All Power Auto came to my business and had my broken window fixed in no time! The technician was very knowledgable and curteous. I would recommend All Power Auto to anyone.
Alice Sarasota